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By | 12/04/2020

This is a follow up on my previous post about OHMd (“Open Hardware Monitor dashboard”), which I created to show some hardware stats on my second screen inside my PC case. However, the OHM is no longer maintained and the newest hardware and sensors are not detected. In addition, I have moved from Delphi 7 to DX 10 as development platform. Hence, an update was needed. This time around it is based on Libre Hardware Monitor, which is a fork of OHM, and updated recently.

Say Hi to the LHMd (“Libre Hardware Monitor dashboard”) tool, aka My Computer – Hardware Status.

LHMd Preview screenshot – Main window

Update June 4, 2020 — First Beta1 version is available now!

Download link is available under Tools section.

2 thoughts on “My Computer – Hardware Status

  1. Andre

    I’m interest with your OHM-dashboard, i want to use it for my 2nd display (7inch) inside my case. Can i use it for Portrait mode ?

    1. Dako Post author

      Yes, OHMd can be used in portrait mode, the tiles will be rearranged automatically. The new LHMd is in portrait mode by default, but cannot be resized (for now).


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