Monthly Archives: October 2016

Net Statistics

This application is a Network  Monitoring tool which can account the daily and monthly bandwidth for selected network adapters on your computer. Historical data is presented in a form of diagram for both upload and download data traffic. For each of the network adapters it can show detailed information and statistics.

My Usage

This is a tool to monitor the utilization of your CPUs and a Network adapter (optional). The CPU can be displayed as overview or split per CPU core. The UI is in a form of nice vertical bars which fill up in accordance to the current utilization using nice transition animations.

Disk Activity Indicator

The tool launches in system tray area (near system clock) and monitors your hard disk dive or solid state drive activities. It will imitate the blinking of HDD LED light, which however is no longer present on some new Laptop models. It behavior can be customized and colors / icons changed to suit your need.‚Ķ Read More »