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CPU upgrade

I have been looking for a CPU upgrade for some time, but since my Mobo is quite old socket AM2+ I was quite limited in what I can get. The best option was AMD Phenom X6 1100T, which is running at stock 3300GHz speed, and also supports Turbo-core at 3700GHz. Going beyond that would have… Read More »

Micro-Stuttering effect

Have you got a nice graphical card (and expensive one too) to put it in good use within your computer, which turned out not to be so good for gaming after all (hint, hint Crysis at max settings.) Then you decided to see yourself with a second identical card just to enable SLI / Crossfile… Read More »

The Scale of the Universe

Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of space-time and learn the scale of things along the way! Learn the size of the Pillars of Creation and marvel at the minuscule scale of a neutrino!

Greylisting explained

Well, I bet you know what a SPAM e-mail message is, so I am not going to explain it to you. I will show you rather how to fight SPAM. One of the most powerful tools against SPAM to chose from is the Greylisting. And it happens that the last day there was a SPAM… Read More »

2-Factor Yubikey Authentication

Since I just received my Yubikey from Yubico I was eager using it, so I decided to start with my WP blog. It turned out to be an easy 2-step process once I’ve installed YubiKey WordPress plug-in: Enabled the plug-in and entered the yubico API key info from here; Entered my Yubikey OTP in my… Read More »

1337, w00t

Hacker “sp33k” for leet, or elite. Originating from 31337 “eleet”, the UDP port used by Dead Cow Cult, a hacker group, to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice, a notorious hacking program. Okay, so what /is/ 1337 in the first place? 1337 means Elite. The point of 1337 is to replace all the letters with… Read More »

Cleaning up corporate temporary files

Imagine your company has hundreds if not thousands of computers. Imagine they are running for at least of a year. How many applications, updates, SP-s were installed meanwhile? How many unused files are left after that? How many temporary files were placed anywhere on those computers? Are your users complaining their computers are getting slow,… Read More »

OC game day

I woke up, feeling like some Overclocking should be done today, so I fired my rig’s Power button and started few tools to help me out. The result is my AMD cpu OC from 2700 to 3200 MHz (+18.5%), and my ATI 3870 video card OC from 775/1125 to 837/1215 MHz (+8%). The latest could… Read More »