2-Factor Yubikey Authentication

By | 8 June 2010

Since I just received my Yubikey from Yubico I was eager using it, so I decided to start with my WP blog. It turned out to be an easy 2-step process once I’ve installed YubiKey WordPress plug-in:

  1. Enabled the plug-in and entered the yubico API key info from here;
  2. Entered my Yubikey OTP in my user’s account settings, and that’s it!

The latest Yubikeys firmware supports 2 configurations – one is preloaded from Yubico. Both can be re-programmed to have two independent and separate configurations, including any two of the three alternatives:

  • Standard YubiKey 44 character pass code;
  • Up to 64 character static pass code;
  • OATH-HOTP 6 or 8 digit code identity.

The result: From now on, I will need to provide my username/password and Yubikey OTP in order to login to my blog. Yubiiiiiiii!…

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