Overclocking day, again

By | 28 February 2010

Hi there! Again, Overclocking day post. Its has been a while since my last OC day, but I have great news for you:

First, ASUS had released new BIOS versions (for various boards) with improved OC features which refine AMD Core unlocking! Yes, indeed, my AMD Phenom X2 550 processor was recognized as X4 with 4 cores working and unlocked. Pity, Windows always stopped with BSOD no matter what I did. But ASUS did their job well, and in BIOS settings under Unleashed more, you can specify which cores to be unlocked. In my case the faulty core was #3 (starting from zero). So, I was able to boot and load in Windows successfully with 3 working cores: #0, #1 and #2.

Second, I needed a better OC tool to stress the 3 cores. It happened that Orthos is running on 2 cores only, and Prime95 I don’t like since it downloads some data chunks to process, then uploads results. So, a new OC tool was born, and it’s named FFT-z! You can see it in action on the screenshots bellow, next to CPU-z, HWMonitor, FurMark, K10stat and TaskManager applications. FFT-z is not released yet officially, but you can grab a public preview release from here. Expect some new cool features added to it In the next releases.

3 thoughts on “Overclocking day, again

  1. foobar

    Zdravko Stoychev, let me start off by saying a big THANK YOU! 🙂

    Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 my Bandwidth Monitor [ http://www.bandwidthmonitorpro.com ] stopped working. I’ve been using that program for 5 years, and fell in love with its minimalistic design and system tray traffic gauges.

    For about two weeks ago, my search for a new network monitoring tool started. I created a virtual machine and started googleing. A narrow Google search provided me with approximately 10 different bandwidth monitors, some freeware and some shareware, but they all had horrible GUI. I installed them all, but discarded them as fast as they were installed.

    Then I discovered SoftPedia.com and started to browse through the “Network Monitoring” category and applied the “freeware” filter. After going through a couple of pages and a few installations of crappy closed-source freeware, I found You. 🙂 And boy am I glad.

    Network Statistics is tailor made for me. The GUI. MY GOD, i love it. It blends in perfect with my Windows 7 Aero. Both the tray icon and the diagram. And believe me, I know good design when I see it 😉


    Much love coming all the way from Norway.

  2. zdravko

    Hi foobar! Thank you! And I will share a secret with you, a brand new NetStats version 3 is under way… stay tuned.

    Btw FFT-z official release 1.0 is out already.

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